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Swimming in the Warm Pool

Do you remember the first time you walked past a mirror and were startled from the shock of your own beauty? You didn’t mind at all accepting the gifts the

Ask for Karen

If your best friend of forty plus years has the loving idea to buy you a massage at the Chelsea Pier Fitness Center in New York City on 19th Street

Hope is There

Hope is that sliver That glimmer That string to grab onto No matter how deep you may sink There is always hope Even in the darkest of places There is

The Rear View Mirror

Met a woman recently starting her own journey The look in her eyes has haunted me She touched me in a mysterious and unexplained way My heart aches for her

Like a Sister

100% genuine and real Always kind and sincere Honest to the core Loyal forever more Lingering there in the shadows Doesn’t know how to say no Helps anyone in need

Karen Fries

Karen with her husband, Bob Deciding to accept the things that cannot be changed and to change the things I can, I am taking the bull by the horns and

I Will Survive

Life doesn’t always go the way I plan It may lead me down a different road But that is not necessarily a bad thing For on this journey I am


Just a normal Monday night Heard the doctor’s voice as I answered the phone I’m so sorry to have to tell you this My husband took the phone Collapsed to


With faith all things are possible Faith is taking that next step even though I can’t see it Faith is knowing I am on the right path Even if it’s

The Pink Badge of Courage

What is courage? Is going into a burning building to rescue a child courageous? Is never letting anyone see me cry courageous? Maybe courage is taking that next step without