Conselhos Para Aqueles Diagnosticados

Os primeiros dias depois de ser diagnosticados com câncer é como se transportar num trem em movimento. Você está à mãos do trem e não pode ver o que está […]

G. Gray

Ask for Karen If You Get Cancer Swimming in the Warm Pool When you go to Sloan Kettering

If you get Cancer

If you get cancer I hope you have the good fortune of having a sister-in-law like mine Because when you feel discouraged she will be there On one of the […]

The Grace Walk

The Grace Walk By Robin Schoenthaler, MD Over time she’s become accustomed, in a bemused sort of way, to the slam-shut silence that descends when she mentions to new acquaintances […]

Margaret Stephens Coe

The phone rings I check caller ID Is this the call I dread? Will I hear what my mammogram read? A biopsy is ordered to check the spot Oh Dear […]

Erma and Dixie

In honor of women’s history month and in memory of Erma Bombeck who lost her fight with cancer. IF I HAD MY LIFE TO LIVE OVER – by Erma Bombeck (written after […]

My Ovarian Cancer Story

Alice Stone wrote this story for a program called Survivors Teaching Students which is organized by the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. Each month a group of ovarian cancer survivors meet […]

Only a Word

The word Cancer has a difficult burden to bear. It is a word that carries tremendous meaning for many people. It has been cried over, scoffed at, screamed about, and […]

My Cancer is a Baby Gorilla

Almost every one I know who has cancer has an analogy for their disease. It is a way to visualize it, to make sense of it and to frame it […]

When you go to Sloan Kettering

When you go to Sloan Kettering armed with books and articles that fill your heart with dread after a long and little bit frightening trip on the bus and a […]