Life doesn’t always go the way I plan
It may lead me down a different road
But that is not necessarily a bad thing
For on this journey I am never alone

Cancer is only a two syllable word but it’s one of the scariest I know
I feel my world shattering all around me
Pieces of my sanity broken and bruised
Feeling powerless, helpless, and losing control

Now, how do I pick up the pieces?
They are fragile as glass
Fighting my way back to the surface
Taking one step at a time and never looking back

Each day is a new beginning
Only I can choose my path
It is time for me to take action
And take control back

My survival instinct kicked into overdrive
A fierce determination to fight the good fight
My inherited stubbornness from my grandma
Who I am proudly so much alike

I found strength and courage buried deep inside me
That courage of mine looked fear right in the face
I held my ground and never backed down
I found faith that a higher power guides me in this race

Weakness and despair are not options
There is power in a smile, a hug, laughter, and positivity
Praying for strength from the tears I shed
All obstacles in my pathway become stepping stones very quickly

Knowing everything is going to be alright
Not today but eventually
Moving forward with an invisible hand coaxing me
My husband’s love surrounding me

It’s time to chop the head off cancer
I need to get right with my heart and soul
It’s time to gather all the love and support around me
And feel the hands that hold

Seeing all my loved ones standing on the sidelines
Cheering me on in this marathon
Never losing hope or faith
Always present from day one

There is no time in this journey for me to lose hope
No time to give in to fear
No time to give up all of my dreams
No time to look back in the mirror

My caretaker, my rock, my angel on earth
My pillar of strength by my side
He gives me so much unconditional love and support
I know I will survive
Karen M. Fries
May 22, 2012



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