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Working In The Cancer World

I often talk with people while they’re receiving chemotherapy. Recently, one woman asked, “How long have you been doing this?” I knew that she was talking about my work at

Cancer With Grace

Grace is one of those qualities that we struggle to define, but recognize when we see it. People with grace always seem to do and say the right thing, and

My Cancer Experience

I’ve been writing this column for nearly five years and I often make passing reference to my personal experience with cancer. Today, I wanted to share my story more fully.

Survivor’s Guilt

People going through cancer treatment at the same time often form their own peer group. They see each other in chemo, in radiation, and in various support groups. The fortunate

What To Say When Cancer Returns

I recently gave a talk at a conference of radiation therapists about how to support patients undergoing cancer treatment. One attendee said, “I know how to help patients when they

Donating Blood and Organs

For many people the months following cancer treatment are more difficult than the treatment itself. During treatment, your “job” is to be in treatment. You’re busy with appointments and you

Survivors Can Help the Newly Diagnosed

When friends I haven’t heard from for many years suddenly call me, I wait for them to say, “Bob, I just got diagnosed with cancer.” This is not unique to

Beginning To Talk About Hospice

I often talk with individuals who are receiving treatment for advanced cancer, but who are also wondering, at some level, if it’s time for hospice. Many tell me that they’ve

Cancer As A Chronic Disease

Until recently, people have undergone cancer treatment with the goal of ridding the body of cancer. Sometimes the treatment worked and the cancer went away, either temporarily (a remission) or

Single With Cancer

For a day or two following chemotherapy, most people camp out on the couch and do nothing more strenuous than watch tv or flip through magazines. Loved ones bring glasses