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Good News In Cancer

A woman recently stopped me to say that some of my columns were depressing and I should try hard to be more upbeat. I replied that a column written about

New Year’s Wishes

I like to give myself a magic wand at this time of the year to grant wishes to those affected by cancer. Here are my wishes for 2014: I wish

Veterinary Oncology

I had the privilege of meeting recently with a group of veterinary oncologists and technicians at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Veterinary oncologists diagnose and treat cancers in

Saying Goodbye To Two Women

I was planning to write this week’s column about Elizabeth Edwards, but I just came from Waltraud Kelly’s funeral and now I want to write about her, too. Both women

Ugly Stepsister of Cancer

There’s a warm and fuzzy side to breast cancer. Not the disease itself which is life-disruptive at its best and deadly at its worst. But there are celebratory races with

Many Thanks

When I visit individuals receiving cancer treatment, I routinely hear words of appreciation intended for those who been helpful, kind and supportive. It is sometimes difficult to find the right

The Good That Emerges

A friend with cancer wrote me to say how she now experiences moments of intense appreciation. Just walking her dog at Buttermilk State Park filled her with tears. Not tears

New Nurses and Cancer Patients

Most everyone is uncertain and tentative when first talking with people who are in treatment for cancer. What should you say? What should you not say? This is just as

Does Cancer Hurt?

When I talk with groups of students, someone usually asks, “Does cancer hurt?” It’s an interesting question that can be answered on many different levels. Most cancers don’t hurt at

Personality And Cancer

Clients often tell me the weird things that people say in response to their cancer diagnoses. Most often, these comments are well-intentioned, but awkward. One comment recently shared with me,