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Stepping Up For Neighbors

Not everyone with cancer has built-in support. Perhaps the individual has no family, or an event in the past may have caused the family to become estranged. Some people are

Understanding Friends With Cancer

I recently had a conversation with someone whose good friend was diagnosed with cancer. She hoped that the cancer wouldn’t change their friendship, but it did. The change, though, was

How You Look And How You Feel

Cancer is a weird disease because you can have it and not be sick. Or you can look pretty good when you are sick. This is confusing for our friends

Being Present

Being diagnosed with cancer is like entering a dark and unfamiliar place. Imagine being suddenly transported deep inside a cave. You sense creepy things all around and it’s hard to

Helping A Friend With Cancer

Nearly everyone has had a friend, neighbor, co-worker or acquaintance diagnosed with cancer. Most people want to be helpful, but may fear being intrusive or simply getting in the way

In Celebration Of Eric Ott

The Rongovian Embassy in Trumansburg, NY was filled last Sunday afternoon with people who love music. More importantly, the Rongo was filled with people who love Eric Ott. Eric is

Don’t Assume You Understand

When Donna Berich tells people that she has skin cancer, they sometimes say, “Skin cancer? Oh, everyone gets that.” Well, not quite. Few people have skin cancer like Donna and

Retired Nurses And Their Memories Of Cancer

I routinely speak with retired nurses and other health professionals who are concerned about a loved one with cancer. The word “cancer” often terrifies them because they went through training

Cornelia Rea

Cornelia Rea, a professor at Tompkins Cortland Community College, recently marked the 10-year anniversary of her diagnosis of tongue cancer. Tongue cancer falls into the broad category of head and

Ringing The Bell

If you’re in Ithaca this weekend, you know that it’s graduation time at Cornell University. Graduations are filled with rituals that symbolize closing one chapter in life and moving on