Groundhog Friends

I’m often asked how to be a friend to someone with cancer. I generally answer this question by encouraging them to be good listeners and to be present for their […]

Mental Illness And Cancer

If anyone deserves a guaranteed place in heaven, it’s people who support a loved one who has both serious mental illness and cancer. This is more common than one might […]

Holiday Gifts

I have been thinking about gift suggestions for people who are being treated for cancer and for those who have recently completed treatment. As a starting point, my recommendation is […]

Advocating For A Loved One

I’ve often written that it is helpful for a person with cancer to have an advocate present during doctor’s appointments and hospital stays. I’d like to devote this column to […]

Head And Neck Cancers

Every type of cancer presents its own set of problems, but people being treated for head and neck cancers experience some of the most unique and daunting challenges. Head and […]

When Loved Ones Complete Treatment

Most people realize that their loved ones with cancer need special attention when they are beginning treatment. Fewer people realize that their loved ones also need special attention when they […]

Visiting Those In The Hospital

People with cancer are sometimes hospitalized and their friends often want to visit to offer support and encouragement. Understanding some general guidelines will help make the visit a positive experience […]

Helping From A Distance

I once received a letter from a man serving time in prison asking how he could help his mother who was ill with cancer. As I wrote back to offer […]

Young Adults With Cancer

Getting cancer is awful at any age, but it has to be especially difficult for young adults. They’re too old for the nurturing and specialized pediatric oncology programs, and too […]

Thoughts And Prayer Tree

There’s a small tree in the living room of Gary and Mary Ellen Stewart’s house in Ithaca. It’s covered with cards, letters and drawings. At first, a visitor isn’t quite […]