Cancer didn’t sneak up on me quietly and slowly
Cancer crash landed in my life like a hurricane blowing

One day everything was normal and fine
The next day I was fighting father time

My life was falling apart before my eyes
The fear of the unknown did nothing but paralyze

Life isn’t easy trying to make sense of it all
Felt like lightning struck me, trying to make me fall

Cancer knocked me down on my butt
Put me on the verge of giving up

But cancer also made me fighting mad
When it would make others very sad

I found myself in the eye of a storm
With a will to survive greater than the norm

My path led me uphill on uneven ground
Finding myself as I climbed, never looking down

I don’t need super human power to fight
Just super human faith to get me through each night

God has a way, a plan
Sometimes mysterious and hard to understand

If this is God’s will for me
I will show God I am worthy of His love and belief

I have been blessed by His love
By the strength and courage from up above

God had brought me to this
And He will bring me through it

Cancer is rough, cancer is tough
Cancer sucks and I have had enough

I could back down, give in, and give up the race
But with my superman holding my hand there is nothing I can’t face

Cancer has met its match with this girl’s power
Yes, cancer is tough, but I am so much tougher


Karen M. Fries
August 5, 2012


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