Emily Virkler Memorial Fund

This fund was created in loving memory of Emily Eshelman Virkler by her devoted family and friends.

Emily was a beloved daughter, spouse, mother, and friend who passed away from brain cancer in November of 2017. She grew up in Ithaca, graduating from Ithaca High School in 1994 and Cornell University in 1998. Emily had a strong connection with the Cancer Resource Center; she attended peer support groups, participated in annual Walkathons, and served as a CRC volunteer. Her beautiful smile, kindness, and positive attitude through more than ten years of surgeries, chemo, and radiation had a profound effect on all who had the pleasure of meeting her. 

Losing your hair during cancer treatment is a common and often unsettling side effect that Emily and many others experience during their illness. But having the support of CRC and an experienced, empathetic team of professionals to guide, restore, and enhance your appearance when you simply don’t feel like yourself can make a significant difference in quality of life!

Contributions to Emily’s fund serve as ongoing support for CRC’s Boutique. Thanks to your generosity, CRC is able to provide free wigs, head coverings, prostheses, and more to anyone who needs personal care items related to their cancer.

Each item from The Boutique comes with a card remembering Emily. Supporting cancer survivors to look and feel good truly represents Emily’s spirit, caring, and goodwill toward others.