Dear God, thank you once again for all of Your blessings
For infusing me with a life force that has no rearview mirror

For Your guidance as I navigated all the turns
For gently nudging me along when I lost my way

For being there through and over each obstacle
Without letting me fall off the edge

For following me to the end of chemo and for the ringing of the bell
And for the reminder that there was still so much ahead of me that needed to be done

Thank you for following me through the endless radiation treatments
And for the patience I needed as the radiation burns healed, and they did heal ever so fast

For the strength and will to return to work
To get some normalcy back in my life

Thank you for my hair growing back
And the courage I needed to uncover my head

For my eye brows and eye lashes, both of which I missed
And for helping me manage the side effects that continue to follow me

Thank you for giving me the bravery to face each day and each challenge
And to be grateful for every sunrise and sunset

For never letting me look back
For never letting me back down

For cheering me on, lifting me up, and showing me that I do not have to be strong all of the time
And for those moments of weakness that prove I am human, but does not mean I am weak

For a new life being born
Proving You are good and life does go on

Thank you for that new life, healthy and beautiful
And for the chance for me to enjoy being a grandmother

I looked death in the face
And You held my hand so I wouldn’t falter

Cancer is a dirty rotten thief
Thank you for helping me take my life back

Thank you for my family and friends who continue to stand beside me
For the gift of laughter that always seems to sooth my soul

Thank you for guiding my doctor as she cared for me
And for the word “Cured” that came from her lips

Thank you for the chance to celebrate life once again
For the time to celebrate friends

Thank you for the time to celebrate love
But most of all, thank you for the words I can now say: “I am cancer free.”


Karen M. Fries


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