Vacationing with Cancer

Kristina Burke is going on vacation, so she asked her oncologist to change her chemotherapy schedule. If a person has an early stage cancer and is getting chemotherapy to prevent […]

Cancer as a Marathon

Chris LaVallee will soon run a 7 day, 155 mile race in the Australian wilderness to raise funds for the Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes. I recently heard […]

Positive Thinking

I’ve written about cancer and positive thinking in the past and have focused on whether positive thinking helps a person survive the disease. I now think that question often misses […]

Transitions of Cancer

My job is to listen to people affected by cancer and to help them however I can. With experience, I’ve come to understand that the periods of greatest stress and […]

Uncertainty and Commitments

Being diagnosed with cancer changes one’s sense of the future. You wonder if you’ll die from cancer and, if so, when. There’s rarely a definite answer to these questions, so […]

Uncertainty of Cancer

Before you get diagnosed with cancer, you assume that it will be an unpleasant experience, but one that is pretty straightforward. One might think, “I have this type of cancer, […]

Keeping in Balance

Yesterday afternoon, a woman about to begin chemotherapy came into my office and asked, “What advice do you have to help me get through my treatment?” I’ve been asked this […]

Cancer and Depression

Many people who have cancer go through a period of depression. It can happen during treatment or many months or even years later. What especially concerns me is that many […]

Living Well with Advanced Cancer

Many of the people I talk with on a regular basis have advanced cancers. They don’t expect to be cured, but they do enjoy a surprisingly good quality of life. […]

Cancer-Related Anxiety

The days following a cancer diagnosis are almost always filled with anxiety. (I have, however, talked with a few people who were relieved when they were diagnosed. They instinctively knew […]