Ways to Give


  • Donate by clicking here.
  • Angel Fund:  This fund will be used to provide direct cash assistance to individuals with cancer in our community who have a specific and immediate financial need. Text ANGEL to (202) 858-1233

By Mail

  • Fill out this donation form, and send a check along with it and we’ll process your donation immediately.

In person

  • Stop by anytime, Tuesday – Friday from 9-5pm.

By Phone

  • Call our office at 607-277-0960 to make a safe & secure credit card donation over the phone.
  • Text CRCFL to (202) 858-1233
  • Venmo @CRCFL

Purchasing Platforms:

Is the Cancer Resource Center affiliated with national organizations?

No, the Cancer Resource Center is not affiliated with any national cancer organizations. We are a local non-profit serving individuals in and around Tompkins County.  We are proud that all donations to the Cancer Resource Center remain here in our community.  We are pleased to be the recipient of grants from Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in support of our work relating to breast cancer, but we do not receive funding from the American Cancer Society or other national groups.  We therefore rely heavily on private donations from individuals in our community.


How will my donation be used?

The Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes has a number of services in support of our Mission. 100% of your gift remains in this community and will be used to support staff and volunteers in their work to support families facing cancer.


My group would like to hold a fundraiser for the Center. Where do I start?

We are thrilled you are interested in supporting the center!  We rely heavily on the donations of folks like you and your group.  Call the Executive Director at 607-277-0960 or at info@crcfl.net to discuss your event well in advance, and go to Guidelines for Raising Money for the Center for more info.


How do I donate wigs, hats, scarves or other goods?

If you would like to donate items for our free boutique (or other in-kind materials) call the center at 607-277-0960 to speak to staff about your gift and to make arrangements for drop off.


Can I give stock as a donation?

Yes. The Cancer Resource Center accepts donations of stock. To make a donation of stock to the Center please contact the Executive Director at 607-277-0960.


Who do I speak to about putting the Cancer Resource Center in my will?

If you think you would like to remember the Center in your estate planning, please call the Executive Director (607-277-0960) as well as speaking to your attorney or financial planner.


Where should I mail donation checks?

All donations can be mailed to CRC, 612 West State Street, Ithaca, NY 14850


Who should donation checks be made out to?

Please make all checks payable to: CRC or the Cancer Resource Center.


How is a notification made to the family for a donation that was made in honor/memory of someone?

If your donation was made in honor or in memory of someone, and you wish us to send an acknowledgment to the family, be sure to include the names and addresses of the family member(s).


Are donations tax deductible?

All monetary donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Do all donations receive a receipt?

Any donor who makes a donation and has provided their address will receive a receipt once the donation has been processed.

Thank you for your interest in raising money for the Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes!


Whether you plan to hold a bake sale, school event, auction, or any type of fundraising event for us, know that we appreciate your support. We literally couldn’t continue our work without people like you!


In order to prevent any misunderstandings, we would like to clarify our guidelines and expectations. Listed below are some general guidelines that will be helpful when planning an event.


What CRC Can Do

• Provide information about our organization and cancer in general.
• Help promote the event on our website, E-News, and social media.
• Provide our logo for you to use for advertising.
• Suggest ways to help you market your event.
• Provide a solicitation letter template (including a link for on-line donations) that you can customize and use for seeking contributions by mail or e-mail.
• Accept credit card donations.
• Send acknowledgment letters to donors (provided you give us their contact information).
• When possible, help with designing posters and/or creating a webpage for the event so that attendees can donate and/or register online.
• If scheduling permits, provide a representative to talk about our organization, accept a check, etc.


What CRC Cannot Do

• Invest money or financially contribute in any way. You may want to consider applying for a grant to help pay for promotional products for your event/fundraiser. Here is a resource for that.
• Provide staff to organize or implement your event.
• Market the event beyond what is specified above.
• Endorse any products or services.


Our Expectations

• A signed letter of agreement is required preferably before you advertise the event as a fundraiser for CRC or use our logo.
• If you’re a business donating “proceeds of sales” to the Cancer Resource Center, you must specify the dates (e.g., all sales during October of 2015), and the amount of the donation (e.g., 5% of all purchases). We are required to report this information to the State of New York.
• The donation should be given to CRC within 30 days of the event. Please deduct any costs incurred prior to delivering the proceeds to us.


Here is a list of fundraising ideas!


Click here for a printable version of these guidelines and the letter of agreement.


Please contact our office info@crcfl.net or 277-0960 for information and assistance. We’d love to talk with you!

Learn more and sign up here:  givebutter.com/WalkRun2021

Planned Giving, Securities and Retirement Donations


Planned Giving

With your long-term planning, a gift can combine your wish to support the Cancer Resource Center with your overall financial, tax, and estate planning goals. Your planned gift gives you a special connection with us now and into the future. You will need CRC’s tax ID for planned gifts 16-1453042.

Gifts of Securities

Other than cash, securities (e.g. stock shares, mutual fund shares, bonds) are the most popular asset for funding charitable gifts to the Cancer Resource Center. Publicly traded securities are usually very marketable, have a clear value, and are easily transferred.

Here is some sample wording. An attorney or estate planner can draft the language specific for your wishes if needed.

To give a specific dollar amount:

I give to Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes, currently located at 612 West State St., Ithaca, New York, the sum of $_____ for its general charitable purposes.

To give a percentage of your estate:

I give to Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes, currently located at 612 West State St., Ithaca, New York, ___% of my Residuary Estate for its general charitable purposes.

To give specific property or assets:

I give to Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes, currently located at 612 West State St., Ithaca, New York, (List specific assets to be given, such as “my real property located at ________,” or “my shares of XYZ stock,” or “the balance of my back account at XYZ Bank,” etc.)  for its general charitable purposes.

For more information, contact 277-0960 or info@crcfl.net.

For Retirees  –  Avoid Taxes on a Required Minimum Distribution with a Charitable Donation:

Do you still have money to spend to meet your Required Minimum Distribution? (the IRS required amount that must be taken from one’s IRA annually to avoid 50% tax penalty).

Consider supporting CRC before the end of the year to reduce taxes with a charitable donation.  Traditional IRA owners 70½ or older can give up to $100,000 from their IRA directly to charity every year. The qualified charitable distribution amount can count toward your required minimum distribution. At the same time, the money is prevented from becoming taxable income and also helps reduce the amount of Social Security retirement benefits that are deemed taxable, too.

Click here for some information from Kiplinger magazine that describes the charitable contribution move for retirees.

The Angel Fund was established to provide direct cash assistance to individuals with cancer in our community who have a specific and immediate financial need and where a small amount of money can make a significant difference.


In memory of the late Miguel Balsa, this fund was created by his family and many friends. Miguel was a beloved young man, scholar and teacher who died from colon cancer in December 2013. He was a long-time member of the CRC community who possessed a special kindness that allowed him to connect with others going through treatment. When we realized that Miguel's middle name was Ángel, we knew that the Angel Fund was meant to be.


Click here to learn more about Miguel, how you can request help, and what the fund has been used for.

Donations can be made:

** Online **
Venmo @CRCFL
Text ANGEL to (202) 858-1233
Call CRC to donate with a credit card
Make checks out to “CRC” and mail to:
Cancer Resource Center
612 West State St.
Ithaca, NY 14850

Created in Memory of
Miguel Ángel Balsa Marín