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Just Listen

Visitors often leave the Cancer Resource Center with words of sincere appreciation. They’ll say, “You were so helpful to me.” What’s noteworthy is how often this help had taken the

Blended Families and Cancer

I regularly write about communication within a family when someone is dealing with cancer. American families are, of course, often blended families. People remarry. Connections change. When cancer is diagnosed,

A health professional in the family

A Health Professional in the Family Sooner or later, someone in your family will be diagnosed with cancer. If you’re a doctor, nurse, scientist, or other health professional, you may

Better Phrase Than Staying Strong

If your loved one has cancer, you may sense an obligation to be strong. The phrase “Be strong” is branded into our brains, but I wish we had a better

When A Loved One Has Cancer

A cancer diagnosis changes your life and the lives of the people who love you. It can be especially challenging for your loved ones because they may want to appear

Groundhog Friends

I’m often asked how to be a friend to someone with cancer. I generally answer this question by encouraging them to be good listeners and to be present for their

Mental Illness And Cancer

If anyone deserves a guaranteed place in heaven, it’s people who support a loved one who has both serious mental illness and cancer. This is more common than one might

Holiday Gifts

I have been thinking about gift suggestions for people who are being treated for cancer and for those who have recently completed treatment. As a starting point, my recommendation is

Advocating For A Loved One

I’ve often written that it is helpful for a person with cancer to have an advocate present during doctor’s appointments and hospital stays. I’d like to devote this column to