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Jason Hungerford

A MILESTONE ON MY JOURNEY WITH CANCER In the world of cancer there are certain milestones or markers — typically they are 1 year out, 3 years out, and the

Ray Stickles

In August of 2010, I was a truck driver at Walmart when I was checking my 64-foot truck from nose to back. I starting panting, I couldn’t really breathe, had

Don Dawson

My cancer story: I was working on the Groton United Church of Christ project in late February 2006, actually it was my birthday that day, and pouring a concrete floor.

Camilla Schade

After only a few short minutes of talking with Camilla Schade, I had completely forgotten we were in Ithaca Bakery. I had forgotten my phone was recording our interview, and

Tom Margeit

Cancer changes everything. For me the experience of life occurs differently now. That’s why I am writing it down. This is what I feel like going into it. I chose

Michael Vance

My interview with Michael Vance began on a slightly chilly morning at Buttermilk Falls. The two of us sat at the picnic table, and as soon as I asked my

An Interview with Lee Ginenthal

When I heard that I had cancer, my wife and I called up a good friend of ours. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and had gone through chemotherapy