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It all changed overnight

If your spouse or partner is diagnosed with cancer, your life changes. You worry about the future and your days are filled with appointments, tasks, and caregiving. If your spouse

Adjusting To The New Normal

“The new normal” is a phrase used to describe how life changes for some people who have been through cancer. Here are some examples: A man treated for oral cancer

We have cranky days

A woman going through cancer treatment was having a bad day. She was miserable and her friends were offering words of encouragement along the lines of, “You’ll feel better tomorrow.”

Newly diagnosed with cancer

The first few days following a cancer diagnosis are like riding on top of a speeding train. You’re hanging on for dear life and can’t quite see what’s ahead. Although

In Memory of Carol John

Carol Knight John died last week. She had cancer, but she never let cancer define her. She was always participating in triathlons, climbing mountains or moving boulders in someone’s garden.

Beth Brunelle and Cheryl Jewell

Written by Sarah Brewer I met Beth, who has metastasized ovarian cancer, and her partner and caregiver Cheryl on a sunny June morning near Cornell. Beth started her oral history

The Power of a Cancer Support Group

People with cancer share differently within a cancer support group as compared to how they share with their family and friends. One woman recently told me that when she shares

Waiting for the Oncologist’s Call

You know that you’re supposed to silence your cell phone when you’re in a meeting. Exceptions are permitted if it’s truly important, and few calls are more important than calls