What Cancer Cannot Do

What Cancer Cannot Do Cancer cannot shake our faith in God Cannot stop our prayers Cancer cannot crush the human spirit Cannot take our will to live Cancer cannot weaken […]

What Cancer Can Do

What Cancer Can Do Cancer can renew our faith in God Renew our faith in our fellow man Cancer can unite a family Unite a community Cancer can bring forgiveness […]

Dear God…PS

Dear God, thank you once again for all of Your blessings For infusing me with a life force that has no rearview mirror For Your guidance as I navigated all […]

Ithaca College “Save the Boo-Bees”

Hello everyone. Thank you for inviting me here tonight. I am honored to be back at my Alma Mater. It has certainly changed a lot since 1991. I have never […]

The Scare

A year ago, as I turned 42, life was fairly ordinary and routine. I didn’t have any major worries, my family was healthy with only the usual aches and pains, […]

The Words I Hear

I could not think of the right words to say When I got the sad news today My sister lost her best friend She stayed by her side until the […]

Dear God

I don’t think I have ever thanked You For giving me the strength I need to get through The courage to face every one of my fears And keeping my […]

Kerry Quinn

Welcome everyone to our 2012 annual meeting celebration: I see community members, colleagues and clients..friends of Cancer Resource Center and mine. I am Kerry Quinn, Director of Client Services, and […]

Visible Hope: A Portrait of Lisa Camilli

Visible Hope: A Portrait of Lisa Camilli Keely Sawyer Soft classic rock music plays overhead as you walk across the black and white plastic tiled floor. Wide display windows light […]

Come On In – the Water’s Great!

Gripping the railing, I slowly eased into the warm water pool at Island Health and Fitness on 310 Taughannock Blvd. Six people were already splashing around comfortably socializing with one […]