The Rear View Mirror

Met a woman recently starting her own journey The look in her eyes has haunted me She touched me in a mysterious and unexplained way My heart aches for her […]

Like a Sister

100% genuine and real Always kind and sincere Honest to the core Loyal forever more Lingering there in the shadows Doesn’t know how to say no Helps anyone in need […]

Karen Fries

Karen with her husband, Bob Deciding to accept the things that cannot be changed and to change the things I can, I am taking the bull by the horns and […]

I Will Survive

Life doesn’t always go the way I plan It may lead me down a different road But that is not necessarily a bad thing For on this journey I am […]


Just a normal Monday night Heard the doctor’s voice as I answered the phone I’m so sorry to have to tell you this My husband took the phone Collapsed to […]


With faith all things are possible Faith is taking that next step even though I can’t see it Faith is knowing I am on the right path Even if it’s […]

The Pink Badge of Courage

What is courage? Is going into a burning building to rescue a child courageous? Is never letting anyone see me cry courageous? Maybe courage is taking that next step without […]


Cancer didn’t sneak up on me quietly and slowly Cancer crash landed in my life like a hurricane blowing One day everything was normal and fine The next day I […]

Returning from the Edge

Returning from the Edge of a Breakdown I have always believed that a mental breakdown only happened to those who are weak. A loss of sanity wasn’t possible for “normal” […]


Over the course of my long cancer journey I have crossed paths with so many wonderful people who have helped take care of meThank you will never seem like it […]